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 CALIFORNIA:                                                                  Easter – Apr 9
 Los Angeles and Orange County $1,000.                                        Dia Del Niño – Apr 30
 San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego County, Santa Barbara to Goleta         Cinco De Mayo – May 5
 $1,200.                                                                      Mother’s Day – May 14
 Calexico, Bakersfield, Lompoc to Soledad $1,500.                             Memorial Day – May 29
 Palmdale, Lancaster, Tehachapi, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Victorville $2,000.  Father’s Day – June 18
 All Central Valley and Northern CA $2,500.                                   Summer Begins – June 21
                                                                              Independence Day – July 4
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Price Reduced                 Unit Price           Best Seller                New Item
                              Case Price

                      $0.99                        Bonus                      Prop 65 Warning
                     $19.80                        BPA Free                   Price Reduced

                                          Special  CRV                                 Product of USA
                                          Icons    Child Safe Proof                    WIC Product
                                                   Coming Soon                CLP Clip Strip
                                          Item #
Okf Aloe Vera Drink Original 20800

 Pk:20 Size:16.9 oz  WIC              QR Code      Gift Box Packaged          +Tax Taxable Item
Pack Quantity        program          for Item #   Product of Mexico          SMH Safe Meat Handling
and Size             states           in NSC       Kosher                     DISC Discontinued
                                      Mobile App
                              Item Description

Prop 65 Warning: There are some products in our general merchandise section in this catalog that may contain a chemical known to the state
of California to cause cancer, or other reproductive harm.
ALM: Aluminum S/S: Stainless Steel N/S Non-Stick
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